Shop & Hire Puerto Rico Connects Puerto Rican Makers With U.S. Shoppers & Employers — Just In Time For The Holidays


Nov 20 2017

This year, it’s time to skip the ridiculously long Black Friday lines, and invest your money somewhere it'll be put to good use. Shop and Hire Puerto Rico connects Puerto Rican makers with U.S. shoppers and employers — just in time for the holidays. On Nov. 20, The Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust launched the initiative to help the island’s citizens and economy following the environmental, personal, and economic devastation caused during the hurricane season. It was released under Colmena66, a vertical of the research trust. The website exclusively features products from Puerto Rican artisans, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. Denisse Rodriguez, the director of Colmena66, tells Bustle the goal of the project is "to boost economic development," as well as "implement the start of the e-commerce culture in Puerto Rico."