Hot Spot Hunter

Cococa V

“A store that revolves around chocolate is bound to be good”, those were my thoughts when I stumbled upon Cocoa V. When I’m deciding on dessert I always go for something with chocolate, so I’ve had my fair share of chocolate to compare Cocoa V with.

Cookies and Cake
My eyes were set on their chocolate cookies and cake. Their chocolate chip cookie comes with DARK chocolate chips, which give the cookie a rich and intense taste. A little salt is sprinkled on the cookie to balance the sweetness. After eating their cookies, I realized milk chocolate chips in cookies are just a little “meh-tasting.” The chocolate layer cake brings the chocolate experience to another level. The cake is moist and fluffy; the frosting is deep and rich. None of that sugary chocolate frosting that tastes like chemical crap.

Guilt-free goods
Everything at Cocoa V is dairy-free, vegan and kosher, or as I like to call it: guilt-free. I’m always skeptical when food is free of everything, but Cocoa V tricked my taste buds.