Vegan Eats NYC


5 years ago, we lost a true gem in New York City, a vegan chocolate shop. However, on Valentine’s Day in 2017, the shop that is now Cocoa V was reborn. Located in the heart of Chelsea sits this perfect spot for a romantic treat after walking the highline. At Cocoa V, the founder, Pamela Elizabeth partnered with Damion Badalamenti to create luxury, artisan chocolate that’s dairy-free, vegan, and kosher-certified. Pamela has been a vegan for twenty years, and she created Blossom (a high-end vegan restaurant that’s just a block away), so this level of vegan expertise paired with Damion, the Executive Chocolatier and Pastry Chef who has twenty years of experience in the culinary field and expertise in both the luxury and artisanal sides of the chocolate and candy making markets....I knew I was in the big leagues.

When I first walked into Cocoa V, the La La Land soundtrack was playing, moving me into a chocolate dream. The sun was coming in through the glass window front, reflecting off the old-school clocks and metal trees that decorated the shop. My eyes immediately darted to the double chocolate chip cookies, the chocolate cupcakes, the brittles and barks, and of course, the truffles.

The PB&J has two layers - strawberry jam and dark chocolate peanut butter cream. When I first bit into it, I was able to taste the two layers individually, but they came together perfectly in my mouth, reminding me of my childhood lunches, but way more creamy (and fancy).

The Lavender Vanilla also has two layers - organic french lavender caramel with a fresh bourbon vanilla bean ganache. I love all things lavender, and the caramel actually exploded all over my hand when I ate it, so licking it off made the experience doubly enjoyable.

The Hazelnut Praline is the classy lady’s Ferrero Rocher filled with caramelized hazelnuts, dark chocolate, and...candy rocks! The candy rocks make this especially fun because they are actually pop rocks, which crackle and pop in your mouth long after you’ve swallowed the truffle.

The Dark Truffle is a classic, filled with vanilla bean and a blend of madagascar and caribbean chocolate. There’s a reason this is a classic flavor though because no matter how picky your friend may be, they’ll love this truffle for how simple and rich, yet light it is.

The brittles, barks, clusters, pastries, and drinks are all amazing as well, but the chocolates are what I consider to be the true gem. Cocoa V ships nationwide, but if you’re in NYC, stop by their shop and enjoy some delicious truffles and decadent hot chocolate.

Cocoa V
174 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011