Dinning with Skyler

November 20, 2017


Turkey day is fast approaching and we could not be more prepared. Light meat, dark meat, thighs, toes, fingers... I don't care I'll take it all. We love it so much that Americans consume over 46 million turkeys every Thanksgiving. Talk about #gains... 

So whether you're eating out this Thanksgiving, or just want to make the tryptophan high last more than one day, here's your guide to finding all the November noms in NYC!

The Thanksgiving pizza at Industry Kitchen in the Seaport, delivers everything in one: pulled turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mozzarella, shaved pecorino and walnuts piled high on a crispy flatbread.

Mac N' Cheese may not be a Thanksgiving classic in everyone's home, but it is in mine! And since everyone in my family has some sort of food allergy, the vegan mac from Urban Vegan Kitchen is ideal. Located in Greenwich Village, UVK makes their mac n' cheese with cashew cheese sauce, numu mozzarella, elbow macaroni, smoked paprika, and herbed bread crumb topping.

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