A new subscription service that helps with hair-extension upkeep

Hair extensions are definitely a commitment, between procuring the actual hair, getting them in and keeping them in tip-top shape. I haven’t personally gone this route (yet) but I know plenty of ladies who have, which is why I’m spreading the word about Lux Beauty Club.

Here’s how it works… Hop over to the site and select from a variety of tape-in and clip-in extensions. Their hair is sourced from all over the world, and available options include Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Chinese Remy hair (each of which has a different texture and thickness so you can best match your natural hair). From there, you choose your color, length and how often you’d like to receive shipments—and when you sign up for auto-delivery you get 30% off.

Odds are you need a professional’s help for installation (so to speak), so Lux Beauty Club has partnered with the PRIV app to help you book an appointment for someone to come to you once you have your hair in hand. You can also add on products such as dry shampoo and serums that keep each and every strand (whether yours or not) looking and feeling healthy.

There are no membership fees and you can cancel anytime—and from what I hear, the prices can’t be beat. So what are you waiting for?