Site Spotlight: Green HoppingSite Spotlight: Green Hopping

It seems every cross street in New York City has a juice bar or vegan restaurant, so it's no wonder GreenHopping, a health startup, launched here first. The mobile app and site map out nearby vegan, raw, gluten-free and vegetarian restaurants, food stores, and juice and smoothie bars. As of last Friday, it's finally available nationally for iPhones and Androids

The site's mission is to encourage customers to transition to better lifestyles by making it easy to find green juices and plant-based joints. The first thing you see when you open the app are green markers, showing you how close you are to healthy options. There are also recommended restaurants with easy-to-decipher icons, letting you know whether something offers juices or your choice green cuisine. On top of that, there's a "Tip of the Day" tab featuring Instagram-worthy photos and useful info to save. 

Part of what makes GreenHopping unique is the story of its co-founder, Catherine Cuello, who was inspired to commit to a better food regimen after discovering a germ-cell tumor on her left ovary. Instead of turning to medicine, she turned to raw, vegan food to save her immune system.

If you weren't sold on eating green before, this app can change your mind. Give it a try and you'll find that your own health revolution is right around the corner, literally.