3 Knifeless Anti-Aging Tips From a Cosmetic Surgeon

Many of us begin incorporating anti-aging skin care products into our routines when we are in our late 20s, but it’s never too early to start living a lifestyle that keeps you forever young. Beyond skin care products, there are tons of ways to feel younger from the inside out.

We chatted with cosmetic and clinical dermatologist Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera to talk about his book Be Youthful (Ser Joven), a reference guide on remaining youthful. The number one takeaway? Don’t wait until you’re older to address concerns about aging. Here are some tips from Dr. Shino Bay that can be applied at any age: 

Sleep Tight

To preserve the symmetry of your face, try sleeping on your back. If you look in a mirror you may notice that one side of your face looks different than the other. According to Dr. Shino Bay, this is linked to the way we sleep. If you are one of those people who consistently sleeps on your side (fetal-position sleeper over here), the side of your face that is resting against the pillow is not getting as much oxygen and nutrients as the opposite side. Therefore, one side ends up looking plumper than the other over time and you start to notice a difference. 

Work It Out

A little cardio can keep your brain looking and feeling younger. A Boston University study found that there was a positive link between cardiovascular exercise and delayed degeneration of the brain in older adults. Dr. Shino Bay says exercise “increases blood flow to the brain, increases neurotransmitters, makes your brain look younger in MRIs, it creates more grey matter.” That is all we need to hear to start hitting the gym more often! 

Treat Yourself

Dr. Shino Bay understands that beauty comes from within, so when patients visit they also receive a “spiritual facelift.” Makeup and cosmetic procedures will not give us an internal makeover. You can give yourself the same treatment by surrounding yourself with positive messaging. Try hanging a picture with an affirmative quote near your workspace or mirror to serve as a reminder of how great you are.