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Organic groceries delivered to your door

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We all know we should eat organic when we can, but organic foods aren’t exactly known to be easy on the wallet. Plus, that motivation to hit up the local farmers market isn’t quite top of mind at the height of summer.

Luckily, we’ve found a solution that kills two birds with one stone.

Farmbox Direct is an affordable new certified-organic box delivery service that brings you dairy, bread, produce and other grocery items from farms in the New York area. Every week a box is delivered to your door filled with something new and exciting.

Get started by selecting a small ($33 a week), medium ($44 a week) or large ($55 a week) box of fruit, vegetables or both. Once you’ve made your picks, you can add eggs, yogurt, juice, coffee and all the other USDA organic essentials.

We recently signed up for the small box. In our first shipment we got kiwis, peaches and Broccolini. We used the peaches to make farm-fresh Bellinis, and the Broccolini went right onto the grill.

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