Hip Foodie Mom

Recently, the good people from Farmbox Direct sent me a box of 100% organic fruits and vegetables. Farmbox Direct is a new subscription based produce delivery service. They are a farm to table, CSA style, USDA certified organic produce delivery service with a focus on locally harvested seasonal produce and all of their products can proudly show the USDA organic logo.

Because Farmbox Direct works with several different farms, you are able to customize what is in your box. So, enjoy a box of fresh fruits and veggies of what you want and each box comes with a recipe suggestion card for the week’s unique menu! Farmbox Direct is an easy way to fuel and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so be sure to check them out! I am a huge supporter of eating and cooking with seasonal, fresh and organic produce so I love what they are doing.

Once you have the fresh produce, you also need to make sure your pantry is stocked properly. What do you have in your pantry? I’m currently on a lentil, beans and barley kick. I could live off this stuff. For reals.