8 Healthy Eating Apps to Download Now


Looking to get a blowout in the comfort of your living room? Courier your work bag home before you meet friends for dinner? Adopt a pet? Find a partner? Schedule a workout? All of these things are now at the tap of our fingers, in spades.

“There’s an app for that.” It’s one of those things that’s funny because it’s true.

There are so many apps that, in spite of being the last person I knew to get an iPhone, I often have to do a “spring cleaning” of sorts to weed out the ones I’m never opening. But the best apps are useful and can often have the coveted “you — only better” effect.

So, if an app can really help me eat better, I’m 100 percent for it. By the way: No calorie trackers or diet apps, are included on this list — just programs that allow you to be informed and assisted in your day-to-day ordering, shopping, and eating, no matter what your goals or needs are right now. Here are a few we think you should try.

For the trendy health food buff, Greenhopping maps green juice (and vegan, raw, and gluten-free food options around you) no matter where you are.