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AccessLatina, REAL FEMALE POWER! ::-:: AccessLatina, REAL PODER FEMENINO!

“Investing in the economic development of women is a financial engine important for any country.“

How refreshing it is to hear these words spoken by Lucienne Gigante, AccessLatina co-founder. Precisely during these days I have been seriously analyzing and feeling how exhausting it is for us women, especially immigrants from Latin countries, to try to cross the barrier imposed on us in a male-dominated society. Some of them, still with the thought that women aren’t meant to think and speak; imagine that, in 2015!

It’s exhausting feeling that one is swimming against the current, but fortifying to know that I’m not doing it alone and that there are strong and enterprising women like Michelle Lucienne Gigante and Marta Michelle Colón taking initiatives such as creating a non-profit pioneer business growth of women in various sectors through a throttle and tutorial program called AccessLatina. AccessLatina‘s mission is to help Latinas realize their financial potential through capital investment and resources.

Businesses owned by women generate more than $1.4 trillion dollars in revenue and employ more than 7.9 million people. Latinas are paving the way for companies to open six to one over other market segments, which turns out to be the key to unlocking the potential of the US economy. “Studies show that Latina business owners have an implementation rate six times the national average. Latinas keep surprising possibilities to create jobs, export opportunities and continue to impact significantly the economy,” said Marta Michelle Colón, cofounder ofAccessLatina.

AccessLatina seeks to provide capital infusion and investment of resources to women-led businesses with high growth potential through an annual competition that begins accepting applications as of today

Ten finalists will be chosen from the accelerator program by more than 40 judges consisting of the best teachers and experts in management, sales, marketing, investors, business plans and mentoring sessions. AccessLatina will provide Latina entrepreneurs an advance of capital, including a $25,000 dollars grant and a round of public financing (crowdfunding), higher education, advertising, mentoring and access to a network of professional high-profile entrepreneurs and investors. 

So you know, we have until November 28, 2015 to complete the application and take our business to the top.