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Farmbox Direct Is Bringing Fresh Veggies to Doorsteps Nationwide


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an amazing way for consumers to support local farms. These programs, available mainly via small growers, are pretty simple: customers pay a flat weekly or bi-weekly rate to collect a boxful of fresh fruits and veggies, grown locally.

Unfortunately, not every area has CSAs (or farms, for that matter), particularly areas known as “food deserts”, where fresh, healthy eats aren’t easily accessible. With the launch of Farmbox Direct, however, many more Americans will now have access to vegan-friendly foodstuffs.

The new company is all about shipping boxes of organic (or conventional) produce to consumers across the country. It also recently opened a new warehouse, and is in the midst of a nationwide expansion.

“We basically pioneered this industry,” says Founder & CEO Ashley Tyner. “We are the first to ship a farmbox to your door! We basically are a customizable CSA.”

Tyner is dedicated to tackling the food desert issue. Her mission is to make sure everyone has access to fresh fruits and veggies.

“We will cover over 2/3 of the United States with free shipping, and by the end of summer the entire continental United States. This warehouse will service the Mid-West, and part of the West Coast,” Tyner explains.

As far as prices, A small organic box (suitable for one vegan or vegetarian, or a couple looking to supplement their meals) runs $38.95 per week, while an all-natural (non-organic) large box (suitable for big families or vegans/vegetarians who cook at home nightly) runs $60.95 per week. There are a whole host of other options, including green, orange and red juicing boxes.

Products are sourced very carefully, says Tyner.

“Some smaller local farms I go visit, I talk with the farmers, ask to review farming logs, talk to them about practices, make sure they understand Farmbox Directs concept and standard for quality. It actually is funny, even with our size I am still who does all of the sourcing for the company. It’s a lot of work but I don’t see myself letting that aspect of the company be handed off anytime soon,” she says.

For vegans and vegetarians who’d rather not buy plastic-wrapped produce from Publix, shopping doesn’t get much more convenient than this.

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