Wyncode Academy

Wynwood, ( Miami ) Florida


Wyncode Academy is the first coding and product design bootcamp founded in Miami. In its five years, Wyncode has graduated over 700+ technologists and has helped place talent at 350+ Hiring Partners, thus transforming South Florida’s technology ecosystem.

Our Work at Wyncode

The goal with Wyncode was to not only to reinforce its strong branding and role in the Miami tech community, but also to improve and streamline many internal processes - by doing so, Wyncode would be able to increase it’s enrollment numbers and take on new partnerships while maintaining a lean team structure.

New Communications Strategy

We worked closely with the Admissions team to understand the application process each students had to go through to enroll. We then suggested some modifications that cut time and effort both on the lead and the sales team. Then, we re-designed the email communications and works on integrating with the CRM system. Open rate and enrollment time was significantly improved.

Our work extended beyond marketing into a collaboration with the operations and admissions team to better understand the pain points that could limit or affect conversion through the funnel. We made those changes and then proceeded to re-launch a marketing strategy supported by events, partnerships and social media.

Additional work for this client:

  • Event production and promotion - both for lead generating and community building.

  • Partnerships: we helped bring to live partnerships with tech leaders like Microsoft and Knight Foundation.